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Winter Bridal Beauty Tips

B&W - Jul 2019

Every bride wants to look radiant on her wedding day. Glowing skin means healthy skin. Every bride-to-be who wants to complete her stunning look at her wedding should stick to a beauty plan and follow some steps in order to appear beautiful. If the wedding date is going to be in winter, then you have to take care of your skin and learn how to keep it glowing. As we know winter may cause our skin to appear dry and dehydrated. Don’t worry! Here is your ultimate guide to know how to take care of your skin in winter.




We all get dry skin in winter going through cold weather outside and heat temperature inside will increase this problem. If you want quick solution to this issue, you can do two things. First you should apply your moisturizer daily as it will protect your skin from dryness and itchiness. The second important thing that you have to do is to drink large amounts of water. By doing this, you will keep your skin glowing from inside and outside.


Chapped lips are the second problem that you will face in winter. If you do not moisturize your lips, the problem may worsen. Applying your lip balm is a must, another important thing that many brides forget to do is to exfoliate their lips. Exfoliation will remove the dead skin cells and will smooth the skin. These two steps will enhance the blood circulation and keep your lips hydrated.


Surely you want to appear wrinkle-free at your wedding. Eyes are the most part of the face which also indicates how youthful you are. If you do not take care of this delicate area, you may appear older than your real age as the area around your eyes will be dry and the under-eye lines will appear clearly, making you look tired. To avoid this problem you have to apply your eye cream daily. This will make you look younger and glowing.



Don’t skip your sunscreen in winter thinking that the sunrays will not affect your skin. Applying your sun block will protect your skin and keep it young.


Give your dry skin what it needs during winter starting from moisturizing your facial skin up to your body, hands and feet. Don’t get scared of the harsh weather in winter. If you follow these steps and applied them on a daily basis, you will look vibrant on your wedding day and you will be the most beautiful bride.



By: B&W Team

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