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Longtime Superstars In A New Look Trial

Rana Ragab - May 2020

Truth is nobody can escape their real age, but this drama season has brought to our attention that some celebrities are trying really hard to hide their wrinkles and enhance their imperfections. However, not knowing that we as audience can easily pin point the botox, lip fillers, lingual veneers and everything used to hide the purest form of beauty. 


Having a perfect pair of eyebrows, full lips and flawless skin doesn’t just happen over night and isn’t something that lasts. Certainly, plenty of money has been invested in achieving such looks, and it’s becoming overly noticeable in older women before younger ones. But the question is how long are these ladies willing to undergo plastic surgeries? Why are they covering up their real faces? And how does this impact beauty standards in society? 


Nadia Elgendy

Although she’s 74, she looks much younger than that, thanks to all the beauty work of course. Nadia Elgendy is one of those Egyptian stars who has built a rich acting career over the years, dating back to the 70’s and 80’s. Lately, she made an appearance in ‘Sokar Zeyada’ series and we cannot ignore the amount of botox and fillers evident on her face! 

Nabila Ebeid

Looking 20 years younger, Nabila Ebeid is actually 75! She’s one of the biggest film stars, admired by three different generations. The iconic actress strikes once again this Ramadan in ‘Sokar Zeyada’ along with her fellow friend Nadia Elgendy. We witness the on point eyebrows, lip filler, extreme botox and of course the vibrant red hair, that is very unusual for someone her age. 

Hala Fakher 

Definitely, one of the most recognisable actresses who has added her touch to every contribution. Aged 71, Hala Fakher removes her hijab and joins the use of false beauty stuff, surprising many of her fans. Most recently, she made an appearance in ‘Sokar Zeyada’ along with the ladies but it looks like a newer version of the Hala Fakher, with all the facial edits done. 

Fifi Abdou 

People love her for her fluffy spirit and carefree energy, Fifi is 67 and still looking for ways to fake her age. Apart from the significant amount of makeup we often see her with, Fifi has been using botox and fillers increasingly over the years and it’s becoming quite disturbing to the eyes. We do love her but we just can’t deny that overly artificial look of hers. 


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