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A Flawless Look Starts With Neutral Makeup

Rana Ragab - Apr 2020

Makeup is a whole world on it’s own, some can’t go without it and others completely disregard it. It’s all about feeling comfortable in your own skin, there is no concrete rule to wearing makeup but there are certainly some key tips to looking young, neutral and fabulous. 


There is nothing wrong with wearing bold and vibrant colours, in fact exploration with makeup reflects one’s artistic and cheerful side. However, rainbows and glitters are not always suitable unless it’s a party kind of look. When it comes to everyday makeup, basic refinement and a natural look is the best option to go for. 


Choosing the right tones can be somewhat intricate but coming up with a simple everyday look will ensure you feel more confident and affluent with makeup material. Once you’ve figured out your basic look, you’ll be able to apply it in no time and slay wherever and whenever.  


Makeup looks different on everyone and different people favour different brands, colours and items. However, most would agree that bringing a neutral look together is the key, aiming for tones that match original skin colour to attain something that is weightless and simple. 


Below are some suggestions to achieve a flawless and neutral makeup look


• Choose a concealer that is a bit lighter than your original skin colour to help lighten dark skin areas and look radiant. 

• Choose a foundation that is slightly darker than your skin colour, however be careful not to go for the obviously dark because your face will look odd when compared with the rest of your body. 

• Go for an earthy palette when it comes to eyeshadow, brown and golden tones are the most simplistic and elegant choices. 

• Select warm-toned blushes such as peach and coral, they give a superficial look that blends well with foundation. 

• Go for nude colours when applying lipstick, you can never go wrong with beige, light brown, or baby pink. 

• Again, always go for gold when choosing highlighters and bronzers, something that is shimmery and warm looks simply sweets. 

• Don’t forget a thin streak of eyeliner to define and outline your beautiful eyes, it’s not necessary but it always adds a sophisticated  touch to a basic makeup look.

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