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10 Promising Quality Makeup Brands

Rana Ragab - Apr 2020

Cosmetics make up a whole world on their own, the variety of skincare and beauty products is incredible. Some women couldn’t care less about makeup while others are obsessed with the idea, seeking the latest quality range in the market. There are some brands out there that are underrated, simply because there are other bigger names.


Understandably, if you happen to trust a brand and have been using it for a while, it’s unlikely you’d want to change it. Even if you decide to try out other options, you’ll most probably keep going back to your original preference. It’s all about what works best for your skin, giving you that glow and making you feel good about yourself. However, you wouldn’t want to miss out on those cost-friendly and totally worth it brands. 

Out of numerous options, this article highlights the top 10 admired makeup brands. Those that are rich in colour, made from trusted components and affordable. 


1. ColourPop

How could you not love ColourPop? It just proves that there is no need to spend a fortune of luxurious makeup. It offers a wide variety of items, mind blowing colours and you can guarantee a dazzling look. 

2. Urban Decay

The trendiest yet makeup brand, with a signature range of products for your face and body. Find anything from matte, shiny, shimmery and glittery options that are both beautiful and daring. 

3. Wet N Wild 

A recognisable brand that is often sold at the pharmacy, a very convenient and high quality choice to go for. The liquid lipsticks are super and even better when compared with Sephora. 

4. Morphe Cosmetics

One of the leading experts when it comes to makeup brushes, Morphe offers a valuable range of makeup items that are priced reasonably. The eyeshadow palettes are amazing with a range of vibrant colours to choose from. 

5. Too Faced 

A cruelty-free makeup line that is currently on the go! It produces sweet and affordable lip products, bronzers and matte eyeshadows. You cannot go wrong with the Too Faced range, it will become one of your favourites. 

6. Essence 

Another cutting edge and cruelty-free brand, rich in quality and offers whatever it is you’re searching for. The colour range is amazing whether it’s the nail polish, lipgloss, blush, eyeliner and everything else! 

7. L’Oreal 

L’Oreal speaks the beauty language, always has and always will. This brand has been around for very long, offering the best foundation, eye makeup and lipsticks. It’s one of the top favourite brands because it’s trusted, affordable and overall wonderful.

8. Revlon 

An original and empowering name that has been around for many years, providing women with exceptional beauty products and tools. When it comes to foundation and concealer, Revlon is the bestseller a studio perfect finish. 

9. Tarte 

Tarte is an award winning cosmetics line that uses mostly natural components to create it’s gorgeous beauty items. Not only are they talented artists when it comes to the range of colour but their products are harmless and rich. 

10. NYX 

A makeup artist’s favourite! You can find everything you need with this awesome brand. If you’re thinking about experimenting with makeup, don’t hesitate to try out their gorgeous lip formulas, radiant eyeliners and hottest foundation.

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