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10 Quick Hairdos For A Change

Rana Ragab - Apr 2020

Ever felt like you desperately need a new look? Many of us believe that hair changes are the most apparent solution, that is usually the first thing  that comes to our mind. It may be a good idea but there is no need to cut it, add extensions, use harmful products or change it’s colour. Instead you can do so much with it that will make you feel different and cost you less in terms of money and fixing any damage later on.


Most of us grew up and stopped trying new hairstyles, perhaps there is no time or energy to do this often. Our mothers were the most amazing hairstylists, doing different stuff to our hair as young children, some in which we thought were cute and others that looked pretty funny. Truth is you could end up feeling really good about the way you look simply by playing around with different hairdos every once in a while, you could also add some colourful pins and clips.  


Below are a few suggestions that you could do with your hair for a change. 


1. Messy Bun 

Very convenient for a casual look and for someone who doesn't necessary like a sleek finish! If you're in a hurry and need to put your hair all together, the messy bun will do perfectly fine.

2. Half Up

This is another quick casual look, you can divide your hair into two parts and put the top half into a bun or ponytail of your choice. It always looks great!​​

3. French Braid

You may need some help from somone around to get it right the first time, the french braid is an old hairdo that you can never go wrong with. 

4. Low Bun

Similar to a messy bun except lower, it is a very easy and simple style to go with. Infact, this bun stands for elegance and sophisitcation. 

5. Twisted Ponytail

As twisted as it gets, this ponytail is unique in it's own way and looks super pretty. Once you try it out, you'll repeat it again and again. 

6. Hair Bow  

Ultimate cuteness! This one is for the girls that never want to grow up and are young at heart. Put your bow together along with a smile and slay all the way. 

7. Waterfall Style

This gorgeous hairdo will make you the centre of attention, it just flows beautifully and goes well with wavy or straight hair types. 

8. Pig Tail Buns 

A very girly look! Remember, there is no shame in looking young and fluffy. Do whatever you feel like, this look is capable of giving you a complete makeover. 

9. The Crown 

Royalty it is, look like a queen with this hairstyle. Make it to any outing or meeting like this and you've already gained a higher status just by looking all neat and classy.

10. Bump It Up

A simply gorgeous touch to your regular hairdo will add some magic. Volume it up by adding a bump with the top half of your hair or your fringe and you're ready to go. 

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