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This One Ingredient Will Make You Look Younger

B&W - Jul 2019

Every bride aims to look radiant on her wedding day and after her wedding as well. The fresh look that you want is easy to have, yet you must work on it to get the best results. There is one simple ingredient that makes you get the flawless skin that you want. It is Co-enzyme Q10. It is popular in the skin care industry. Many anti-aging creams contain this powerful anti-oxidant. Coq10 is a substance that your body can produce naturally, it's s a powerful anti-oxidant that has many health benefits for the human body. Here are some of the benefits of coQ10.



  • It prevents free radicals from damaging your skin tissues even if you take it as a supplement or apply it on your skin. When CoQ10 levels decrease in your body the signs of aging start to appear.
  • CoQ10 is proved to reduce oxidative stress that makes you look tired and exhausted. It gives you the youthful look that you want.
  • Applying topically skin care creams that contain CoQ10 will delay the appearance of wrinkles.
  • It enhances the production of collagen making your skin look younger and more elastic.
  • It protects against photo-aging that happened due to over exposure to sun.



Top foods that contain coQ10:

Fatty fish                      







CoQ10 has many other health benefits. It promotes a healthy heart and prevents chronic fatigue. It helps give energy and boost the immune system. CoQ10 is known as the miracle anti-oxidant. It is beneficial for any bride who wants to keep her skin young and radiant.


By: B&W Team


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