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The Story behind the Eideya

Everyone waits for Eid for the festive decorations, mood, new clothes and of course all the “eidiyat” we receive from our beloved relatives. Eid is associated with Muslims, where people who are affluent enough travel to Kabba to perform hajj.

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Ancient Egypt and the idolisation of Animals

Ancient Egyptians have influenced history and culture since the start of civilisation. From the Pyramids to Papyrus and everything in between, the ancient Egyptian people were known for their unique and extraordinary belief systems and way of living.

Black & White TV

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‘Vogue Challenge’ Goes Viral Giving Everyone The Chance To Feel Like A Star

‘The Vogue challenge’ gave ordinary people the chance to feel like cover stars.

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A Vintage Album; An Egyptian Summertime Like No Other

An Egyptian summer in the 1900’s was much like what we fantasise about today.

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Discover MAC Cosmetics - A Virtual Makeup Trial

Being one of the most successful cosmetic lines, it has taken social-distancing to a whole new level by introducing a virtual try-on feature.

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The Secret Behind Yasmine Sabri’s Cartier Bangles Exposed

Almost every time the stunning actress, Yasmine Sabri makes an appearance, we see her wearing the golden Cartier bangles and it leaves us wondering whether she can ever go without them.