Tricky things that make you eat more

Do you constantly feel hungry without an obvious reason? Well, rejoice! You’re not the only one who feel they might as well just gobble up a whole arm. There are actually tricky subliminal things that trigger your hunger. Here are several things you do that automatically makes you want to eat more.


1. Cooking shows

Do you constantly watch cooking shows just to “learn” how to cook? Well, it is accompanied by wanting to eat whatever you see as well, and therefore, being hungry.


2. Food pages

STOP LIKING OR FOLLOWING COOKING PAGES, WILL YOU? Why are you even doing this to yourself? Now every time you scroll down your feed on Facebook or Instagram, you become hungry. Stop it now!


3. Orange and red colored foods

Scientifically proven, orange and red make you feel hungry!


4. Food packages on your kitchen counter

That Nutella jar, biscuits or chips just sitting there on your counter doing nothing, it keeps gloating on your head 24/7. Put it away or get rid of it!


5. Other people eating near you

People make you eat more, period. Every time your colleague or roommate orders that delicious pizza, you either order with them or stay wallowing in your own hunger.


6. Large plates

Large portions make you eat more. DUH. But they make you hungrier as well.


7. Feeling blue

That ice cream that becomes your best friend in your darkest times shouldn’t exist. That’s why you shouldn’t get yourself down in the first place. So you wouldn’t eat more.