The Power of Groups

Never underestimate the power of being in a group. Groups tend to motivate you; they motivate you to push yourself, they motivate you to study more and they motivate you to win. But groups motivate you to eat more as well. Here are the two things you should and should never do in a group.



1. Exercise in a group

Ever wondered why fitness regimens such as crossfit, befit and their likings are booming? Simple. They motivate you more than anything else in the world. While you can probably do the same workouts almost anywhere, you wouldn’t last long doing it. You wouldn’t be consistent or meticulous as much as you would when you are in a certified course with certified trainers and other members that want the exact same thing as you do. You will push yourselves whether to compete or complement. They will be your best motivation. Working out in a group is proven to be more effective with much better results in less time.



2. Eat alone

As much as groups motivate you to work out more, they motivate you to eat more as well. It is often said that you are what you eat. We’d like to add to that that you eat like whom you’re with. If you live in a household that puts nutella and peanut butter on the kitchen’s counter, you need to be isolated right now! We’re just kidding… but in that case, your family is your group and you don’t necessarily have to eat like them all the time. Make your own eating routines, and for God’s sake, hide those yummy jars from the counter! Don’t base your outings on what food you’re going to eat. As a matter of fact, try to avoid eating in outings at all. Without you even noticing it, you eat double or even triple what you normally eat in groups. And needless to say of course that healthy eating with a group of friends is a myth. If you want to really lose weight but you go out to eat with your friends often, that’s just not going to happen!