Stay hydrated in Ramadan

As a fact you all know is that the most important fluid that satisfies the need of thirst and the element that keeps human-being and all living creatures on earth alive is water, however it's the source of refreshing and restarting the whole blood cycle once you are awake, while you are sleeping and during the whole day.

So basically, drinking eight glasses of water per day is a minimum number, preferably drink it between your meals not during it and make sure you drink more if you make some effort such as working out or heading outdoors.

Also to stay hydrated you should take care of the food you eat on Sohour time and avoid eating heavy and salty food, try as well to eat fruits or drink fresh juices better than the sweetened ones or finishing your Sohour with Yoghurt as it digests the food and avoid the body from sensing the thirst, drinking water before Al Fajr prayers as well is one of the main things that you shouldn't forget.

Just remember to keep yourself hydrated with this heat by following these steps, in order to enjoy fasting in Ramadan without suffering.