Inside the Victoria's Secret Models' Workouts

Inside the Victoria’s Secret Models’ workouts

You’re probably wondering why would the Angels need to work out at all, but you’re absolutely wrong. The Victoria’s Secret Models don’t get their bodies on a silver plate. In fact, they work really hard to eventually end up on the runway. They work out diligently and consistently along with a very strict diet. Here are several workouts that the Victoria’s Secret Models do. 


1. Yoga

Victoria’s secret model Stella Maxwell says, “I don’t do that much cardio because I'm already so thin, so my goal isn't to lose weight, it's to gain lean muscle." Yoga is the best for making you lean and toning your body. Some people mistake yoga for meditation. While it does help you meditate, it is not its primary function. Yoga helps you shed your fat. Model Devon Windsor as well does yoga every day.

Average calories burnt in 1 hour: 240 calories


2. Dancing

Model Alessendra Ambrosio says not to underestimate dancing’s intensity because with the right moves, dancing can become one of the hardest workout you’ll ever do.

Average calories burnt in 1 hour: 443 calories


3. Pilates

Pilates is the new “it”. Joan Smalls and Devon Windsor do pilates while adding pilatesrings for the legs.

Average calories burnt in 1 hour: 286


4. Ankle weights

According to a new study, adding weights to your exercise helps you burn the most calories. Model Stella Maxwell says any exercise with the band around the ankle is a killer. They are great for your glutes but they hurt so bad.  Alessendra Ambrosio as well puts ankle weights to her exercises.

Average calories burnt with a 5-pound weight: 45 calories more


5. Boxing

Model Adirana Lima has been doing boxing for 10 years. Josephine Skriver also does a lot of boxes which helps her tone her body. Joan Smalls does Muay Thai kickboxing. And Devon Windsor does some shadow boxing

Average calories burnt in 1 hour: 727


6. Jumping ropes

A month and a half before the show, Adriana Lima starts to jump ropes every morning. Devon Windsor as well jump ropes every day.

Average calories burnt in 1 hour: 670


7. Work out

Some models prefer to do their own workout routines. Jasmine Tookes does P90x workout and loves to do lots of squats. While Alessandra Ambrosio takes Brazil Butt Lift classes.

Average calories burnt in 1 hour: depends on your routine!


8. Personal trainer

Most models prefer to have a personal trainer to know what workout exactly is the best for their bodies since every body needs a different workout. Ming Xi says, "I have a private coach so I can do different exercise every day – we spend an hour in the gym every day before the show so we have to keep it varied." Cindy Bruna and Stella Maxwell also have their personal trainers.


Victoria’s Secret Angel Martha Hunt says that once their done with their show, the Angels say hello to snack time. “We traditionally throw a big pizza party, so I’ll be eating pizza right afterwards,” Hunt says. Save us a slice with you!