Creative wedding food stations to add to your buffet

People go to distant relatives’ weddings to eat. Period. Well, to eat, party and have fun. But as soon as the buffet opens, you’ll be definitely seeing people run towards it. How many of us spend all day long starving to death just because we have a wedding that night? With that being said, you can get creative when it comes to the food. Don’t make your wedding the typical traditional food everyone tends to have. Just give it a little thought and you can come up with tons of ideas and not all of them can be expensive. Chances are, if people love, they love the wedding, and of course, vice versa.

Don’t just depend on the fact that you’re getting food from an expensive venue or hotel. But plan your buffet carefully. You can add cookies instead of the huge turkey that probably no one eats. Or even a Shawerma station! Basically think outside the desert table. Here are the top stations and canapes that will definitely make your guests go home with a happy belly.


1. Sushi Bar


2. Pizza Station

3. French fries with dipping sauces


4. Donut Bar



5. S’mores Station


6. Cereal Bar


7. Cookies and Milk


8. Mini Grilled Cheese 


9. Mashed Potatoes Bar


10. Taco Bar


11. Short cakes in jars


12. Popcorn Station


13. Candy Bar


14. Lemonade Stand


15. Whoopee Pies Stand


16. Macaron Stand


17. Popsicles -  Cake Pop


18. Donut Holes Tower


19. Chocolate Founatain Station


20. Waffle and Pancake Station


21. Mini Burgers



22. Dessert Tower 


24. Cotton Candy Station


25. Cookie Station


26. Ice Cream Station


27. Pie Station