8 Things to Survive Your 1st Year of Marriage

So you’ve planned the wedding, you chose the venue, you got the dress, you invited the guests and you finally made it to the altar. Once you have passed the honeymoon phase you realise that things just got serious and you might even ask yourself “What have I done to myself?”. You find yourself living with your spouse under one roof for the first time, sure they are the love of your life, but still you are not used to spending every hour of every day for the rest of your life with them. Don’t panic, there’s a solution for everything, we are here to give you a few tips on how to survive the first year of marriage. But we are no experts and every relationship is different, don’t take everything we say as if it’s set in stone.

#1 Talk to them about anything & everything

Talking is the best way to resolve issues. Talk to your partner and keep them up-to-date about how you’re feeling. If they did something that bothered you, tell them and don’t shy away. They will understand. It’s a companionship after all. Women are famous for responding “nothing” when their husbands ask them “What’s wrong?” but really they want to say quite a lot. If that’s the case you should say what’s wrong and don’t hold back.  

#2 Become a better version of yourself

It’s for the best not to be selfish in your marriage and to think only of what makes you  happy. Try your best to be better. We all have flaws, and it’s perfectly fine to have them. And your partner is supposed to accept your flaws, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to become better for them.     

#3 Learn to ignore those little annoying things your partner does

Remind yourself, occasionally or often, why you fell in love with your partner in the first place. If your partner habitually does something that annoys you. No need to get frustrated over it or get mad at your partner. Try to ignore it and slowly learn to accept it. Accept your partner for who they are. 

#4 Respect, respect, respect

Sure you are alone and no one can hear you yell, scream at your partner’s face. Respect your partner enough to not get to the point of screaming and fighting and who knows maybe throwing things at each other. Show your partner respect at all occasions, you are not living alone anymore, before you do anything let them know. Ask for their advice before you make a small or big decision.

#6 Your partner comes first

Support your partner by putting them in first place. Marriages work best when you always have your partner in mind. Your partner isn’t your enemy. You are a team. Both of you are in one ship, you can either make it float or sink. If you work together on your difficulties, your relationship will survive for years and hopefully forever.    

#7 Love your partner, unconditionally

Love your partner, then love them some more. The most important thing is not just to love them, but to show them that you do. Do little things for them to show appreciation. Take them out on romantic dates, buy them gifts, cook them something special, plan a romantic trip, do whatever as long as it would make them feel loved and appreciated for being in your life.

#8 Don’t give up on your partner

You have promised your partner to stay with them  for better and for worse. Own up to it and try your best to keep the relationship work. Stay with your partner through the hard times. If they are going through a rough patch, help them out, support them, they are all you’ve got. Move past the hard times and have in mind that you should do your best to grow old with them.