7 Reasons why exercising can help you overcome your depression

Exercising can improve your mental health on so many levels. If you’re feeling down; working out will definitely get you back up on your feet. However, depression is not just about “feeling a little down” sometimes, it is rooted way deeper than that. It is in the very essence of your way of living and the lack thereof. Getting sucked in the vortex of depression isn’t easy, but what is way harder is how you snap out of it. Here is why exercising can reduce your depression or even help you defeat it entirely.  


1. Reduce stress and anxiety

So you have so much on your plate and too little time that you’re starting to panic. Hit the gym immediately! Exercising will help you clear your mind and make any right decisions. If you have an exam the next day, you can guarantee you can study and memorize everything clearly after workout.

2. Getting out of your comfort zone

Magic happens just outside your comfort zone. Whether if it’s about pushing yourself to your limits, exercising with people you don’t know or exercising somewhere else than where you’re used to, you’ll witness improvements in every aspect of yourself.  


3. Being good at something

If you’re sick of being a constant failure, this is the time when you take it all out. Prove everyone who ever told you you can’t make it wrong. Once you are good at something, you’ll never accept anything less anymore.

4. Confidence

Bit by bit, you can simply look yourself in the mirror, because you’re proud of whom you are becoming. That pride will definitely be with you everywhere you go. It will change the way you speak up, the way you think and definitely your posture and the way you stand.

5. Social interaction

More often than not, depression doesn’t come knocking alone, but it come accompanied with antisocial disorder and borderline personality disorder. Interacting with others, no matter how hard it is, will improve your wellbeing. In that case, social interaction in sports is actually the best remedy, because it is indirect; you don’t interact with people to make friends, but to build a team, which is even stronger and can certainly lead you into having friends without you noticing it.

6. Being healthy

 It is true that a healthy mind must have a healthy body. You can wave goodbye to all the negative thoughts you’ve been having. You’ll even finally get your bipolar sleeping pattern fixed for once and for all. You’ll eat healthy as well. Every aspect of your life goes from negative to positive, both mentally and physically.

7. Something to look forward to

Whether it’s just another record you want to smash, a couple of extra pounds you want to lose or even someone you want to beat, you’ll have something to look forward to. Instead of being aimless and hopeless, have some goals to achieve. It is just when you become a more goal oriented person and all your goals become clear in front of you.