6 Signs You're About to Marry the Wrong Person

Marriage is a huge deal and choosing the right partner shouldn't be taken lightly. Most people stay in bad relationships; sometimes they know it but stay anyways, sometimes they don’t know it and other times they are in denial. Most people convince themselves to hold on to bad relationships with the wrong person, even if the relationship is barely functioning and without thinking ahead of the long future that lies ahead. Marriage isn’t just a phase in someone’s life, it’s a companionship that’s meant to last a lifetime and you have to make sure you are marrying the right person and not just making a big mistake.

Here are signs you shouldm't ignore before you tie the knot: 

#1 You are slowly falling out of love with your partner


Maybe not all you need is love in marriages, but being madly in love with your partner is needed for building a loving companionship together.  

#2 You are getting married for the wrong reasons  

It’s the ugly truth, but some people get married because they don’t want to be single anymore or they don’t want to be stereotyped as ‘unmarried’ by society. You need to make sure that you and your partner are getting married for all the right reasons. And it should be because you have met the love of your life and want to spend the rest of your life with them. And not because you aren’t getting any younger and you need to tie the knot before it’s too late.

#3 Your partner makes you unhappy more than they make you happy

If the bad times in the relationship outweighs the good times, that’s a sign you need to reconsider your marriage. You wouldn’t want to spend the rest of your life with someone who is going to make you miserable.   

#4 You care about the relationship more than your partner does

No matter who you are, a dating expert, a relationship therapist or someone who have previously been in many relationships, marriage WILL be hard for you and your partner. It takes two to make a marriage work. You need to understand that every couple faces problems especially in the beginning of their marriage.  If you don’t function probably as a couple or you are the only one in the relationship making all the sacrifices, this should be a bad sign for you.  

#5 Your partner lies to you  

I hate to break it to you peeps, but lying is a trait that destroys relationships. Period. If your partner constantly lies to you, then you need to let go. You won’t be able to build a marriage based on lies.

#6 You don’t come first

If your partner is going to listen to their mother or anyone else more than they listen to you, this means you are not their first priority. This could be problematic later on in the marriage and let’s face it, you wouldn’t want a partner whom you’re not their first choice.