11 Unique Gift Ideas for Valentine's day

Valentine’s day is right around the corner, if are still clueless about what to get your partner. Go over this list of 11 outside the box gift ideas that will spark the love between the two of you.

#1 Couples spa

Plan the perfect spa date with your partner. Treat yourself and your partner with a spa day full of treatments and massages. This will guarantee to destress the two of you.

#2 Cook them dinner

Candle light, romantic table setting and a dinner made all by you for your special one. How perfect can this be?  

#3 Take them to a painting class

If you are bored of the casual romantic dinners, why don’t you unleash your inner artist and your partner’s. Try out a painting class together and engage in a fun activity that will light-up the spark between the two of you.

#4 Make them a sweet dessert

If your partner is a chocolate addict, make them a molten lava cake that the both of you can enjoy together. Or make them any dessert that you think will indulge their sweet tooth. A Heart shaped pancakes for breakfast or a heart shaped chocolate cake for dinner can be a lovely surprise for your partner on valentines day.  

Try this super easy red velvet truffles recipe.

#5 Plan a getaway

If you’ve been over working recently, and you think this stress might be affecting your relationship. Why don’t you plan a short getaway? Escape the city so that you and your partner would relax, unwind and revive your love.  

#6 Buy them something that shows you support their dreams

For instance, You partner have been planning to learn a musical instrument for a long time, and they never actually took grip of it. Why don’t you surprise them and get them what they have been hoping to achieve. It will show them how you listen to their dreams and how you are willing to go an extra step to support their dreams.  

#7 Personalise it!

Every relation is different. You and your partner are the ones who know your relationship the best. If the both of you have a special word, quote, memory, country or song that signifies part of your relationship. Why don’t you have it engraved on a piece of jewelry to remind your partner of that special bond you both have.

#8 A joined gym membership

Couples who sweat together, stay together. This could be a great gift for you to spend time together and maintain a healthy lifestyle at the same time.

#9 Setup a romantic movie night

Pick out the most romantic move you could think of for you and your partner to watch it together. Set-up a romantic setting with candle light with cozy pillows and blankets and some popcorn. So that you and your partner can get cosy together and enjoy t5he romance.

#10 Take them on a Nile cruise

You, your loved ones, a cruise ship, perfect weather and a perfect view. What’s a better way to spend valentine’s day?

#11 Go Over The Top

How much is enough to show your partner you love them? It’s either you have a lot of money to spare, so you go for a car or a rolex. Or you are like the rest of us who’s struggling with financial turbulences, you can still go over the top without spending a lot of money. Buy your partner a dozen of roses (literally) and fill up their room or car with them. Buy them a hundred of anything they are obsessed with. Get them hundred of helium balloons that says “I love you”? If they love coffee buy them their favorite beans that will last them a lifetime.