10 simple tricks to make you look more beautiful (and it does not include makeup!)

Girls often associate beauty with makeup. But nothing ever beats natural beauty. Whether you’re in a rush, going to the gym, or simply don’t think putting makeup is worth it, you should never be criticized. You also can be the type of person who does not put make up at all. That’s completely fine because there are certain tricks to make you more radiant, beautiful and simply confident.



1. Maintain a regular skin care routine

Never skip washing your face. Ever. Make it a routine. Preferably it’s one time in the morning and one before going to bed, always maintain these 2 times. But if you exercise in the middle, you should also wash your face right after. Also, you should always wash your face with cold water not hot.


2. Go to dermatologist

Dermatologists can sometime be stereotyped and that makes you afraid of going. Be skincare is based on science and you should not invent your own ways. You can be washing your face for years with a certain scrub or lotion and it may not be the one for your skin. Make sure you know the type of your skin and what it works for it best. From your creams, lotions and soaps, you should only use what’s best for you.



3. Exfoliate once or twice a week

You have to frequently get rid of your dead skin. But also check with you dermatologist because it can be harmful for your skin


4. Use sunscreen

Sunscreen isn’t only for tanning or going to the beach. You actually should put on sunscreen whenever you’re exposed to the sun. But also there are so many types of sunscreens for each type of skin, so make sure you check with you dermatologist!


5. Do not touch your face

Touching your face can spread bacteria and skin oils. These can lead to breakouts, infections, or scarring.



6. Avoid junk food

Your diet directly affects your skin. Foods that raise blood sugar can lead to acne, wrinkle and irritation. Sugary foods can even reduce skin elasticity, leading to sagging. Stay away from processed foods that are full of white flour and added sugars.


7. Stop smoking

Smoking causes acne. And should I go on about all the other things that smoking causes?


8. Eat healthy and exercise

Exercising and eating healthy refreshes your mind, body and soul.


9. Relax and have enough sleep

It is also known that anxiety and stress directly causes acne. Besides, they really also do make you much much older. You don’t want to look like an old lady in your 20s or 30s, do you?


10. Stay hydrated

Drink water, people. The benefits of water are countless. You should at least drink 2 liters a day.